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New Videos

Here is a trailer for the documentary about the protests in Washington D.C that took place in 2009 called "The 9/12 Project".

BNP Updates


Update - Due to many reasons out of our control we were forced to take a leave of absence. We are in the process of returning to work on our short's and features. Sorry for the long delay in updates and new content. We will be releasing more information soon on whats to come. Thanks for watching.


Update - Busy working on some new short's, and finishing up our work on the movie "His Mission" by DTJ Films. We will be posting some new content soon.


Update - Currently in the editing process of the movie "His Mission". We apologize for not updating or adding to the site, we have been extremely busy with this film. New games and content coming soon. We hope.


We would like to promote a forum that one of our partners has started, called Go check it out, still in it's early days but at least worth a look.


New game added called ATV Offroad Thunder. Go check it out.


Just added another free game called The Strangers 4.


New free online game added called Defense 1942. 05-25-2010

New video added from MAGFest 8 called Video Game Improv 2.


Added a new free game called Truck Mania. More free games and a new video will be added soon.


We are currently working of correcting some problems with the way is displayed in Internet Explorer. We apologize if this issue affects your visit.


We are up-dating the Videos Page. This may cause it to be unavailable for a short period of time. Thank you for your patience.


We just added another game to the site called Dawn of The Celebs. Make sure you check it out.


Added a new game called Ninja +2. Enjoy.


Important Update Notice: We are currently doing some routine maintenance on We apologize for any inconvenience's this may cause. Thank you.


We would like to apologize again to anyone who experienced a problem with our site redirecting them. We have completely removed the Ad networks code that was causing the issue. Our research has showed that no virus is attached to the redirect, just an inconvenience. Again we apologize for this and we have decided to never use this ad network in the future due to lack of quality in their product. Thank you


Announcing a new service from Bamboo Nut Productions. We are currently working on a distribution service for your films. We are planning on launching the Beta version late this summer. We will be providing a way for indie filmmakers to make some money off their movies. More information will be coming soon.


I would like to start by apologizing to anyone who has visited our site and been redirected to a page pretending to run a virus scan on your computer. We have been working non-stop since this issue started to find the problem. After many many emails back and forth with the hosting companies tech support and many hours of validating every piece of code we have, we where on the brink of shutting the site down. The problem we where having was that the redirect didn't happen all the time so when the hosting company checked the site it worked fine for them. Ok so we thought our computers where bugged and maybe we where the only ones affected by this. After checking the site on multiple systems in different locations, we found that some showed the site without any issues while others were redirected. We checked our machines and didn't find any problems with them so we started pulling the site down piece by piece, the problem was we couldn't be sure if we fixed the redirect because sometimes it happened and sometimes it didn't. Finally we pulled our heads out of our asses and started checking all the advertisments through the 3 ad networks that we us, took us about 3 minutes to find the site on one of the ad networks that was causing the problem. Don't we feel like idiots. So we stop that ad from showing on our site and sent the ad network an email about the problem. At this time I will not give the name of the ad network. I would first like to give them the chance to correct the issue, if they fail then I may post again with their name and will be removing them from our site completely. Again sorry if this affected your visit to Good Day


We will be posting new games within the next week. Sorry for the delay in updates and new content. Things have been very busy here finalizing the movie Zombie Soldiers for Brain Damage Films. Also we will be posting a few videos from MAGFest 8 soon.


Just wanted to apologize to everyone for the site being down for a day or so. There was an issue with the domain name not being correctly renewed. Agian we apologize.


Happy Holiday's everyone, we have added another Free Game to the site called Bubble Sifter. I want to warn you this game is addicting. Have fun.


Just added a new game called Cubi Kill 2. This game is perfect if you have a job you just can't stand. More brand new Games coming soon.


Added another new game to the website called Celebrity Bash. And remember to visit our Free Games page for more fun online games.


Just added a new game called Warface. We will be adding 5 more Games soon so make sure you come check them out. Thanks.


Getting ready for MAGFest 8. Jan 1st through Jan 4th. Make sure you get to their site to pre-register today. Also stop by BNP's store to pre-order your badass shirts today. They will ship Jan 10th.


We at Bamboo Nut Productions are proud to announce our very first shirt design!! Visit us at our Online Store to check out the awesome design and order one today!! Hope you like it, we will be launching many more in the future. Thanks.


Site transfer and update complete. At this point we are done with the work on Although there still may be a few links that are not working correctly, or images that are not showing. We will be checking the site over the next few days to verify everything. Until then enjoy all the videos and games that we offer. Thanks for everyones patients during our server change and redesign process.


Important Update: Server transfer today. Sorry if the site is not responding correctly for you. The new site design and server should be 100% up and running shortly. Thank you for your patients.


Important Update: We are in the process of changing servers. Please expect some delays. Also we have re-designed the look and feel of the site. We did do away with our forum, mainly because no one is using it, and we are working on a re-designed for our navigation bar. This process will be completed by October 25th, 2009. Thank you for you support.


I think this is the most we have ever posted in here before, lol. No but seriously we are getting ready to launch the new and improved Bamboo Nut Productions Movie and Film site. Well to be fair the only real changes will be that you can now buy stuff from us (HINT HINT) and some cosmetic changes. Other than that its the same old site with free videos some funny, most are a little strange, and of course the few free games that we have held onto. So until next time remember, you like Bamboo Nut Productions. Haha we hope. Later.


Ok this seems to be an almost daily thing now, our forum is currently offline, agian, not sure why, the forum was working earlier with no problems but hey we where thinking about doing away with it anyway. No one uses it except spammers and frankly I'm tired of deleting them and their posts so don't expect to see the Bamboo Nut Productions Forum in the future. On another note, we would like to see some more games being playes, remember they are all free games, and also more videos being watched, agian all free videos. We are setting up a RSS Feed so watch for that one. Thanks from Bamboo Nut Productions.


We just made available our first Sound FX Value Pack. We are also offering some Free Sound FX. We will be posting and updated video blog within the next few weeks also. And expect to see a few visual changes to our site over the next month or so. Gearing up for MAGFest yet? Well you should be. Check under our Current Projects list for more info and links to their site. Thanks everybody.


Click Here to pre-order your copy of Zombie Soldiers. Movie will be released on October 30th 2009.


We are just about finished with the sound and visual FX in Zombie Soldiers. We will be offering sound and visual FX to anyone in need in the near future. We will post a link and more info for you soon. Also check back in a few weeks to get your copy of Zombie Soldiers. Starting in the next week we will be doing some work on the site as a whole. Thanks everybody.


While updating the site yesterday, the server decided to crash on us. This resulted in the loss of almost all the content on our main page. We are working on restoring it now, so our upcoming events section will be offline for a little. Thanks.


Bamboo Nut Productions has video coverage of the 9-12 Protests, a major protest in Washington DC today. This was not a protest of President Obama or Democrats against Republicans, this was a protest of government spending, the so called Big Government, and the mass corruption in our government system. This was reportedly organized by many different organizations, but the main ones we are hearing are The Tea Party Movement and The 9/12 Project. Unfortunatly the only computer that we can upload footage to is down, we are working on replacing it, the video of the 9-12 protest in Washington DC should be up in a few days. Keep checking back and you can also go to more info. Thanks everybody from Bamboo Nut Productions.


Just a heads up for everyone, we have a few new videos that have either been posted or will be posted soon. Also we have started doing special FX, mainly for a movie we are helping edit. And as always we are having problems with the server, we are currently seeking a new host so please be patient through this proccess. Thanks everybody from Bamboo Nut Productions. And lets all take a moment today to remember the many people that lost their lives seven years ago on this day. And to all the heros that gave their lives that day and have sacrificed so much for our protection and freedom since.


64 Bit Gen was a major success. Great show and great bands. We will have videos and pics up in a few weeks for all of you that missed it. Also we want to thank all the bands that let us film them. Entertainment System, This Place is Haunted, The Megas, Year 200X, Ultraball, Protomen, Megatainment, and many many more made it a great night. Videos up soon. Once we take care of some equipment malfunctions.


Page Error. Content Lost Due to Server Error.

This was a major set back to our site. Loosing all of this content has seriously reduced our overall traffic. We lost about 1000 words in total. Huge lose. We apologize to all that may have wanted to read all of our updates.


We are in the process of uploading another video to the site. It should be up in about an hour. Make sure you come back and check it out. Some funny stuff. As always thanks for checking us out at


So our time frame for getting the site updated was off by a few days, sorry my fault, but it is finally done. For now.
Some of the short films we are working on are a Booze Review, Super Piss, and a few shorts with puppets, should be some good stuff so dont forget to come back and see what we have been up to. Good day from Bamboo Nut Productions.


Please be patient with us as we work on updating the site. We should have it finished either late tonight or tomarrow afternoon. As always thank you for visiting Bamboo Nut Productions.


Check out our cool links on the left side of the page. Make sure and click on Official Toolbar to download you very own Bamboo Nut Productions toolbar. You will have one click access to our videos, games, forum and home page. You can also customize the toolbar and have us as your search engine for the web. As always thanks for checking us out. You friends at


Added a few videos to youtube and myspace. Also playing with the logo at the top of the home page. Just until the real one is finished. Don't forget to check out our forum!


Just wanted to give you a heads up, we will be loading a few new videos to the site either late tonight or tomarrow. And remember everything here is always going to be free. We are also working on a clothing line that should be available sometime this summer. Thanks again for checking us out and don't forget to visit often.


Ok now we are moving along. We just created our offical Bamboo Nut Productions Forum. Which you can check out by following the link at the top. We will soon be adding our custome drawn logo to the top of the page and of course we are still working hard to bring you more videos from Magfest 7. So check out our forum, sign up leave a post to let us know what you think of the site. Thanks to everbody that reads this shit from your friends at Bamboo Nut Productions.


Just added two more videos, one of Entertainment System and the other is the second installment of Walk About Talk About. We are working on permission from The Angry Video Game Nerd to post the video of him (don't want to step on any toes if you know what I mean). We also have a few more on the way. Happy net surfing from all of us at Bamboo Nut Productions.


Just added three more videos, one of Armcannon, one of This Place Is Haunted, and a short talk with someone from Magfest 7. Make sure and check them all out. More will be coming soon.


The goal of Bamboo Nut Productions is to bring funny but informative content to you the viewer. We are a very low budget company just trying to make a name for ourselves. The goal of is to bring the content to you without having to search the web for it. We also would like to give you a few other things to entertain yourself with while your here. We offer a few games that after a year have proven to be most popular with you the viewer. We are in the process of creating a forum for everyone to use and enjoy. Keep checking back for more updates to the site and also some exclusive content we got at Magfest 7, featuring some well know video game music artist. Thanks from Bamboo Nut Productions. Any questions or comments please send us an email at

Current Projects

New Content and Update Coming Soon

We will be adding new content soon. After a long intermission, we are starting work again.

New Games Coming Soon

We will be posting roughly 25 new games over the next few month. We have been building our database of games, but just haven't had the time to load them onto the site.

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